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Agile Lineout eBook

This eBook describes Agile for business initiatives such as marketing activities, cultural change, and transformational endeavors. It results in greater collaboration, faster delivery, and better results.

Taking lessons from the software industry, Agile Lineout takes a new-start approach. The book guides teams with solution creation, development practices, and teamwork, using some first principles of Agile, Lean, and behavioral science.

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Founder and CEO of Success Engineering

"This is brilliant. It’s definitely a major contribution to the Agile space on its own and I support it entirely.
Really, really great job here!"


Let's Ask the Right Questions:

How will the team know that they have produced the right solution?

How is the team going to develop that solution?

How will the team work together to deliver the solution effectively?

Agile Lineout assumes that a team has been assembled for a specific purpose which it calls a solution. The solution could be as wide as organizational transformation or as narrow as marketing a new service. Agile Lineout asks a team to think about its delivery system holistically.



The Solution Line identifies strategies to create the appropriate high-value outcome and the foundations, representing a continual focus on creating value.


The Development Line outlines the strategies to create an efficient delivery system and the foundations representing a continual focus on effective development.


This line enables both solution creation and development efficiency. In addition, the Team Behaviour Line has strategies for enhancing teamwork and optimizing delivery performance with foundations that lay the bedrock of superior team performance.

Meet the Author

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Jon Ward

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International Agile Consultant | MBA

Enterprise Agile Coach & Transformation Lead | Published Author

Jon Ward

International Agile Consultant | MBA

Enterprise Agile Coach & Transformation Lead | Published Author

Jon is currently coaching Lean-Agile adoption in a six-thousand-employee division of a tier-one global bank. Previously, Jon was responsible for an agile transformation in an international telecoms firm's four thousand eight hundred employee infrastructure division. When working with a software company as Director of Agile Transformation, Jon was able to reduce average delivery times by fifty percent and effort by over forty percent.

Jon has worked in Change Management for over thirty years, working with blue-chip organizations. Initially, on leaving college as an apprentice, Jon was responsible for redesigning manual administrative processes used to manufacture components for Concorde and the Harrier jump jet. More recently, Jon has been accountable for transformational agile change in various organizations introducing new ways of working to improve delivery performance and teamwork.

Jon regularly writes thought leadership articles, has authored three books, and created the Agile Lineout framework.

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About the eBook

When coaching Agile software teams, I am often asked, will Agile work for business teams? I found out that most Agile frameworks used by software teams draw from several sources to be complete. For example, Scrum requires important elements from Extreme Programming. Business teams, however, do not have this background and therefore are unable to follow their software teams' counterparts. Hence, I created Agile Lineout.

The Agile Lineout framework provides a complete but contextual guide for teams creating non-technical solutions. However, feedback from novice software teams indicates that Agile Lineout works for them too.

A lineout is used in rugby to restart the game when the ball goes out of play. Members of the two teams assemble side by side, and the ball is thrown between them. Mirroring rugby, three elements make up the delivery system in Agile Lineout: the solution, the delivery process, and the team. Also, Agile Lineout is contextual like a lineout in rugby; during each iteration, the team adjusts based on stakeholder feedback and team learning and suggests making the team more effective.

Agile Lineout is deliberately non-prescriptive but offers suggestions for critical project activities.; for example, team building, mapping benefits to create a backlog, managing bigger teams, and continuous improvement. In addition, Lineout helps a team to see their project as a system designed to deliver a solution effectively.

Agile Lineout is simple in its approach, guiding an Agile team towards the decisions it needs to make to deliver its target outcome.

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Head of Change Management at Absa Group

Jon Ward provides a pragmatic and catalytic approach to the world of Agile transformation and transitioning from traditional ways of working to Agile. He stands out, providing practical advice, based upon Agile wisdom and successful recent experience. Beneficial Consulting is a team that can make a difference.



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